TotalCare is a virtual platform that provides remote access to medical care.

In our world’s current state, gaining access to healthcare services can be difficult especially for international students. On-campus doctor visits can be risky with long wait times and non-mandatory testing. That’s why TotalCare offers remote medical access at your own comfort.

  • An alternative to in-person visits at the HealthCenter
  • Appointments that work with your schedule
  • Regular checkups, sick care, chronic care!
  • Accepts ISO and AETNA insurances
  • Readily available doctors
  • Web and Mobile Friendly
  • No traveling necessary
  • No additional charges
You can access doctors via your mobile phone or a laptop from anywhere with these four easy steps:

1.Download the App


2.Book an appointment with “Christiane Happi” or “Rossana Wright”


3.Enter Waiting Room


4.Call with Clinician

and get started today!!