TotalCare’s Approach to Helping Busy Moms

Telehealth and telemedicine are very attractive tools for busy moms.  A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that during pre-pandemic times, women were more likely than men to choose telehealth visits.  Before and during the pandemic, many moms’ schedules had been turned upside down especially when one of their children got sick.  It is difficult for mothers to take time off of work and rearrange their childcare schedules.  There is also the risk of catching an infection when sitting at a Pediatrician’s waiting room.  

TotalCareTM telehealth allows busy moms to schedule appointments virtually with their own doctors and see them from the comfort of their homes.  Pediatricians can virtually examine, diagnose and prescribe a treatment plan without the mother having to potentially find childcare for other children, take time off from work and other important duties. TotalCare is available on Android, iOS and even on the web (Chrome and Firefox). TotalCare: taking some stress out of a mom’s day!  



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