Virtual Psychiatric Counselling and Management of Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is as important as physical health. And studies have shown that poor mental health can cause or aggravate many health conditions. In today’s modern and fast world, unfortunately, disturbed mental health is a major concern. Depression and anxiety can occur at any time and they may co-occur, in-fact according to a study, approximately half of the people with one condition have the other condition. Although their causes may differ, they have approximately similar symptoms and treatment. Feeling down, sad, or upset is normal, but it can be a concern if that occurs for several days or weeks. Proper psychiatric counseling and mental help can help people overcome depression and anxiety. Telemedicine is a major advancement in health by bringing your counselor to you virtually. It can provide you good interaction and counseling with your psychiatrist. The way to proper management is proper sharing and counseling. Telemedicine has provided a major advancement in managing mental issues.

There is hesitation and social stigma from receiving mental health assistance. TotalCare enables patients to seek mental health assistance from privacy and convenience of their homes and at times that’s convenient to them. Patients connect with the same provider each time as opposed to a different provider each time they call. TotalCare is FULLY HIPAA compliant and we take patient privacy seriously. All patient health information and communication is encrypted and secure.

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