“Telemedicine” Knight in the Shining Armor during COVID-19

Nobody could’ve imagined that our lives will change drastically in 2020 due to something so little that can’t even be seen by the naked eye, a novel infection called COVID-19. SOPs have been made extremely crucial throughout the pandemic. Social distancing is the most crucial strategy which means lesser interaction. Mankind has been adapting to the online world.

Considering all this, telemedicine practice increased after stay-at-home orders by the government. Telemedicine and Telehealth are two domains where health care service is provided online, whether it’s diagnosis, monitoring symptoms, interventions/treatments, and prescribing medicines. In these times when we can rarely step outside, facing conveyance issues, unavailability of health care experts, longer distances from hospitals and pharmacies; telehealth can overcome all these barriers and provide the best patient care.

  • People have been avoiding going to hospitals due to fear of contacting the virus.
  • Parents don’t take their young ones to the hospitals.
  • Senior people and people with weaker immune systems or any other underlying diseases could be exposed to multifarious infections.
  • Lack of in-person availability of doctors and healthcare experts.

Due to these reasons, telemedicine is the most viable and effective way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and receive the diagnosis and treatment at home. Totalcare is here to serve this purpose and connect you to the highly qualified doctors and get diagnosed and treated through use of innovative tools.

TotalCare is the solution for all the issues faced by the public during the times of COVID – 19. There are no long wait times at the clinic and the patients can easily book an appointment with the clinician at their comfortable time. They can meet their doctor online without the fear of contacting the virus. This not only saves the patient’s time but also keeps him safe from the pandemic. The patient can also invite a family member who is in a different state and this way they can also reduce unnecessary travel during this time. TotalCare also provides documentation to use the different features of the app which makes the patient’s work easier.

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