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Easy and Intuitive

TotalCare appointments are scheduled. You choose when you are available and are notified when an appointment is booked.

Increase Touch-Points with Patients

Extend your reach beyond the four walls of your office. Conduct follow-ups from anywhere.


Pay a single price for unlimited patients for all locations. No hidden costs! No term contracts! No special equipment to buy! Just use your mobile device, tablet, or PC!

Health for All

Health Inequity is RESOLVED!

Health inequity is defined as systematic differences in the health status of different population groups.

Health equity is defined as attainment of the highest level of health for all people.

According to a recent research published by the Kellogg Foundation: The US economy can add $135B annually by reducing health disparities. Healthier workers have fewer sick days, more productive on the job, and have lower medicare costs. A healthier population saves everyone insurance premiums and health-related public spending. Annually $93B excess medicare costs are directly attributed to healthcare disparities.

TotalCare Telehealth can help mitigate the crisis of health inequality amongst communities in need. Solving the problems of the lack of hardware, broadband and access to healthcare providers are ways TotalCare is helping to bridge the gap of health inequity across the nation.


TotalCare for Community Health

The promise of Telehealth is to bring healthcare access to those without access to computers, fast internet connections, and smartphones which can be hard to come by in some communities.

The TotalCare Telehealth Station is a low-cost appliance for locations like libraries, community health offices, and corner markets.
Portable TeleHealth Station

Portable Telehealth Station

The Portable Telehealth Station (PTS) is the one of a kind point-of-care solution!

Many among us have difficulties with healthcare access such as lack of transportation, long travel hours, lack of nearby providers, languages barriers and many other challenges. Telehealth Station is designed to specifically improve access to healthcare by bringing your healthcare provider to where patients live and work virtually.

This solves distance, transportation, travel time and other issues!

The Telehealth Station is a fully integrated system with Telehealth access in the center which includes a blood pressure machine and a finger pulse oximeter located on the sides.

This station can be placed on a table or a medical cart for ease of patient use.

This solves the issue of lacking access to vital devices or a tablet while monitoring the patient’s vitals, managing chronic conditions, or getting virtual visits with your healthcare provider!

Portable Telehealth Station is Ideal For

Senior Facilities

Independent living and assisted-living facilities where a provider comes only once a week or every other week. Facility staff will transport patients to the emergency room or an urgent care facility in the case of irregular vitals or other medical reasons. Using the station can connect the patient virtually to the contracted healthcare provider facility and get an assessment, evaluation and treatment plan instantly without having to transport the patient out of the facility in most cases!

Activity Centers

Community members gather here for various activities. This can be a great access point to also provide medical and mental healthcare!


Most schools do not have full-time nurses or mental health providers. Schools certainly do not have a pediatrician on-staff. Having access to medical and mental healthcare at schools has been shown to reduce absenteeism and improve graduation rates!


Many shelters have never seen a medical or mental healthcare provider. Our stations provide an easy and convenient way to provide access to medical and mental healthcare at these locations!

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TotalCare is ideal for small and large practices, community clinics (health departments, FQHC, RHC), and rural hospitals!

Clinician Testimonials

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"Very clear audio and video! It is just like talking to the patient in the exam room. TotalCare is simple to use!"
MS. C.H. , NP
"Onboarding process is very simple! TotalCare is easy to use. I like the chronic disease management/Remote patient monitoring of my COVID positive patients!"
Dr. A.A. , MD
"Doxy.me is no comparison to TotalCare! Doxy.me is a glorified video platform whereas TotalCare is a feature-rich medical Telehealth platform.! TotalCare is simple to use!"
Dr. A.F. , MD

Patient Testimonials

See what our satisfied customers have to say about us!

"It just replicates my visit to my primary care without taking the trouble of driving to their office! Saves me so much time!"
"Reminders are the best part! It never lets an appointment slip my mind!"
"TotalCare is so simple to use, I will use it again!"